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Gallery - Outdoor Ponds & Water Features

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Feature entrance 1
Feature entrance 2
Feature entrance 3
Indoor water feature
Koi and Plants
Koi in Japan and Trent
Koi in swimming pool
Koi me baby
Koi Pond
Koi pool
Old Koi
Old Koi
Open living water feature
Plumbing with Jandy Valve on C-Bus
Pond before
Pond after
Pond around house
Terrace Style Water Feature
Water Feature
Water Feature
Water feature/waterfall
Water Plants
Swimming pool now Kio pond
Pond feautre with plants and Koi at entrance into executive apartments
Entrance feature into apartments
Water Iris
Water Iris
Water Iris
Formation of new rocks
Creating a multi level water fall of existing bush rock
The native long necks are sure happy now
Totally stunning feature that looks natural
Running water falls over hand crafted rock
Unique walk over glass pond
Walk over pond in entrance