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Cabinet base and I
Built on site
Starfire clear glass front and sides
Time staged lighting
Reef Lighting
20 x Boxes of live rock direct from airport
Fill time
Live rock arrives
Live rock piece
Electrical tidy up, aquarium gear
Going well
Bulkheads in
Trent and newly setup reef system under moonlight
8X3X30 Reef now running 4 months
4 months established now
Penthouse Aquarium slab base
Tank building
19mm Glass time to cure with silicon
Ready to fill with water
Waiting to clear over night
3500L Tank just filled
This what 3500L looks like in an aquarium
Time for the fish to eat and grow
Equipment/filtration is behind the aquarium
Job finished
Aquarium in Restaurant
15mm Curved aquarium 900 deep
Curved aquarium, all filtration hidden
Million dollar fish view
Awesome Reef system and Trent
Wall divider aquarium
Filtration to be installed
Next big boy 3x1x1 in 19mm 3000L Volume
Trent and 3x1x1
Marine Aquarium built out from solid concrete wall
Aquarium Position
Aquarium in place
9M Steel frame
Half the aquarium and Trent
Tank to project into bathroom
Powder room feature
9M or 30 foot fishes run
Will be stunning
1M Cube in office
Office aquarium
Education Centre Display