Pristine Aquariums

Frequently Asked Questions

1. "I have heard about certain products, pumps, chillers and heaters which are selling at a 'lower cost'. Could I use these or should I use better quality products?"

Initially this might seem like a logical choice (to use lower cost products), however there is an issue with these products which I feel you should be aware of.

These are very cheap online products that are imported directly from Asia/Hong Kong to backyard operators (advertised online as the same products that you could buy here from genuine retailers).

They are NOT built to be used under our 240v conditions. I have seen chillers, pumps with dodgy replaced power socket leads so we can plug them in to our power points.

They are NOT imported by the official Australian distributor and are not covered by warranty within Australia, even worse if they cause a fire or major damages. That has happened!! Insurance companies will not cover damages.

Pristine Aquariums refuses to use such rubbish and will never sell such items. These items not only will fail on you but they could jeapodise your family home.

In all good faith I could not sell these cheaper products… Not only do I feel that these products would be hurting YOU my valued customers, it would have a unimaginable impact on my personal reputation which I have built on trust over many years.

I urge you to avoid all electrical products sold online for the above mentioned reasons… ALL products installed by Pristine Aquariums are only sourced from Australian certified distributors. They are top quality and come with a Guarantee!

Thankyou for reading and lets work together to assure this aqurarium industry thrives on the trusted brands and retailers for years to come.